product details:

• The lifting system is equipped with a lower buffer device to reduce the impact and vibration of the mast and avoid the noise of the cargo hitting the ground

• Large surround seats, small diameter steering wheel, electro-hydraulic reversing design, and sedan-style dual-handle combination switch greatly improve driving comfort
• Standard wide-field mast, the instrument in the cab is moved down to increase the driver's forward vision
• Efficient operation efficiency can perfectly ensure the cargo loading and unloading work in ports, docks, stations and other sites to meet the needs of complex environmental conditions
• Hot air return isolation device, optimized heat dissipation air duct, aluminum plate-fin water tank, comprehensively improve heat dissipation capacity, and ensure reliable operation of the engine
• Optimized design of key structural parts such as frame, gantry, overhead guard, steering axle, etc., comprehensively improves the safety and reliability of the vehicle, shifts the center of gravity of the vehicle backwards, improves the carrying capacity, and is more stable and safer
• The opening angle of the hood is increased to 80°, which realizes convenient and fast maintenance for you